Imagine Create Inspire : Imagine Create Inspire
Stained Glass and Fused Glass Creations by Jill Rosen 
Inspired out of Passion

Imagine Create Inspire

by Jill Rosen on 03/31/14

I'm so excited to launch my website today.  Thanks to all my family and friends who gave me the support and encouragement in my journey to create

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1. deb said on 3/31/14 - 09:58AM
very nice Jill, awesome job. Beautiful work!
2. Dawn said on 3/31/14 - 07:24PM
Such beautiful work! It makes me want to commission another one of your creations!

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Welcome to my pages of expression                                                       All of my pieces are created from original designs or changes to patterns I have found.  Each of my designs can be re-created just for you.  In hand made glass work;  no two pieces are exactly alike;  so your piece will be an "original" 
"Wall Art" pieces are made from unique art glass and cannot be reproduced.  They are truly "one of a kind"
My work is all about the idea.  If
you have an idea you would like
to see in glass, let me know.......
I can create
it for you!