Stained Glass and Fused Glass Creations by Jill Rosen 
Inspired out of Passion

A Mosaic Thread to Energylites
I think I get my creativity from my mother.  I remember watching her as she made beautiful items from afghans and needlepoint pillows to wooden trains and block sets to mosaic rugs from carpet scraps.  These rugs were my first love for mosaics. 

While I was raising my children, I worked with my husband at his lawn and landscape company in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I found myself drawn to building boulder walls; my creativity released on large mosaic puzzles.  I seemed to have an eye for finding the right rock.  This was my second love for mosaics.

In 2004 my husband brought me to a little stained glass store in Minneapolis.  He thought that he might want to do stained glass work.  As it turned out, I got so excited looking at the beautiful glass pieces, we drove home that day with materials for me to make a panel.  A quick lesson from the store owner and a "how to" book in my hand, I was on my way.  I spent hours learning how to cut glass, foil and solder.  By the time I finished my first project (pictured top right) I was hooked.  I found a hobby I was truly passionate about.  The next project I worked on was a lamp and - of course - it was a mosaic (pictured at right). 

My real joy comes from creating original pieces from an idea.  It might be a 2" drawing, a piece of 4" cardboard tube, or just a vision in my mind.  There is so much anticipation as I work on a project;  seeing the beauty during construction and finally seeing it in the "lite" of a window or bulb.   

​About 7 years ago I had an encounter with a spiritual woman who told me that my "energy" was in every project I made and I needed to share my creations with the world so they could receive that energy.  And so the name of Energylites was born and now after many years of developing my skills and making some inspiring creations, I'm ready to start sharing these with the world.  I hope you enjoy the "energy"!

Jill Rosen
1st project - winter 2004
2nd project - mosaic lamp shade

Most recent mosaic February 2014
"Eye of the Storm"