Stained Glass and Fused Glass Creations by Jill Rosen 
Inspired out of Passion

In March of 2013, I was visiting my sister in Cincinnati and she commented how she would like a glass panel for a front garden bed at her home. She drew up a two inch sketch on a piece of paper (pictured left) with a sun concept.  I went home on a mission.  I drew up a full size pattern following her sketch idea.  Then  I started playing with glass in my kiln and created the center circle.
(middle left).  Once I had the center circle, it set the tone to create the rest of the pieces.  I copper foiled the fired glass and soldered them together.

A sunburst was created.  The copper frame is hand bent and soldered 1/2" pipe, standing five feet out of the ground. This piece is even more beautiful when back lit by the sun (lower left)

You can see pricing information on the "Sunburst"
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